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The Case of Qatar

Qatar National Vision 2030

Qatar’s aspiration to become a hub of innovation and transform the country from a resource-based economy to a innovation and knowledge-based economy by 2030 is something that can be achieved through the collaboration between all parties (government, academia, industry, and services sector). Reaching this goal demands a transformation process at four main pillars as described in QNV2030; human sustainability is one of the four main pillars. The educational system is considered the base for any innovation and knowledge-based economy in the world. The human development pillar aims to have curricula and training programmes responsive to the labour market and ensure that opportunities are available to all Qatari citizens in addition to promoting and developing mindsets for lifelong learning.

As a first step for implementation, a five-year national development strategy (Qatar National Development Strategy 2011) was laid down. The NDS was the guiding document for sectorial reports in the different areas including health and education. These reports were used by different entities for developing their strategic plans and to show their support and commitment to the country vision.

Specifically from the economic prosperity angle, Qatar aims to leverage its economic status by converting its hydrocarbon-driven economy into a diversified economy that constitutes for knowledge and high-value industrial and service activities. This transformation process is expected to be done through the use of wealth generated from the available natural assets to widen investments in its infrastructure, improve its public services, develop a competitive workforce, and support both innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives whereby technology and engineering play a core vital role (OECD 1996).

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