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Brief Description TIEE Structure

The TIEE aims in particular to bridge the existing gaps in engineering education system of focus on design, innovation and technology startups, pedagogies, engineering practice and higher linkage with industry, as well as well-rounded competencies development. These gaps exist to some extend in Qatar and quite often exist elsewhere in the world, even in the developed countries.

TIEE Objectives

The main objectives of TIEE are as follows:

  • 1. Objective 1—Provision-competent multidisciplinary/general engineering education programmes and courses.
  • 2. Objective 2—Elevate multidisciplinary technology innovation, design, entrepreneurship, and transfer.
  • 3. Objective 3—Emphasize students’ professional engineering experience, social responsibility, and twenty-first-century engineering competencies development.
  • 4. Objective 4—Establish higher order linkages with industry.
  • 5. Objective 5—Advance engineering education research, scholarship, practice, and K-12 outreach.
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