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Multidisciplinary Structure and Faculty

The TIEE is a multidisciplinary entity or department as opposed to classical disciplinary engineering departments such as electrical or mechanical engineering. Hence, academic programmes/courses overseen or owned by the TIEE are multidisciplinary/general engineering courses/programmes as opposed to disciplinary courses/programmes offered in classical disciplinary departments. Furthermore, the faculty normally hosted/recruited in a TIEE similar entity are multidisciplinary engineering faculty as opposed to disciplinary faculty in the disciplinary departments. TIEE concept faculty would in particular have background in areas such as or related to:

  • • Engineering design or systems engineering;
  • • Technology innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • • Engineering education scholarship/research;
  • • Technology enhanced learning/information systems.

Curricular and extra-curricular programmes/courses/activities of a TIEE entity would be characterized mainly by:

  • • Design, innovation, entrepreneurial, and leadership oriented;
  • • Hands-on, experiential and active learning oriented, with design and projects at the core;
  • • Significant proportion of industry-linked activities/courses/projects;
  • • Utilizes state-of-the-art ICT for learning and teaching;
  • • Practical skills and soft-skills development oriented;
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