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Principles to Action: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All

The CCSS panel makes explicit that the standards reflect what students should know and be able to do. To provide a guide for the education community on what the core principles for high-quality mathematics should entail, in 2014, NCTM published the document, Principles to Action: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All (PtA). The PtA has a revised version of the principles from Principle and Standards and has renamed them the Guiding Principles for School Mathematics—Teaching and Learning, Access and Equity, Curriculum, Tools and Technology, Assessment, and Professionalism. NCTM describes them as explained in the next section.

Guiding Principles for School Mathematics

Teaching and Learning

An excellent mathematics program requires effective teaching that engages students in meaningful learning through individual and collaborative experiences that promote their ability to make sense of mathematical ideas and reason mathematically.


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