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I: Reality: What Attracts WomenThe Ubiquity of StatusDesire to be DesiredAttempts by the Pick Up Artists: Emotional NeedinessThe Seduction ProcessOver-Compensating and Fake Alphas: Power in VulnerabilityThe Pain PeriodVulnerability of Showing Desire: The Gift of TruthThe Truth Is Always Shining ThroughUnconditionalitySetting BoundariesFinding Your TruthFriction and ProjectionII: Strategy: PolarizationThe Three Types of WomenGoals with Each TypePolarizing to Attract: Rejection and SuccessThe Treasure HuntMen Who Only Experience RejectionRedefining Success: The Three FundamentalsNatural Advantages/DisadvantagesIII: Honest Living: DemographicsWhich women do you meet?Lifestyle Choices And DemographicsBeliefs and Self-SelectionAge, Money and LooksRace and the Foreigner EffectSocial ProofThe Most Beautiful WomenBeing Something Versus Saying Something: How to Be HandsomeFashionFitnessLift WeightsNutritionCardioSetting GoalsBody LanguageVocal TonalityHow to Be FascinatingBringing it All TogetherIV: Honest Action: What Are Your Stories?Defense MechanismsYou Are Not a VictimStereotypes and ResponsibilitySexual Motivation: How to Take ActionThe Guide to Overcoming Your AnxietyCourage and BoldnessV: Honest C ommunication: Your IntentionsCreepinessThe Flirting FormulaDeveloping an Emotional ConnectionBuilding and Breaking Habits: How to Be CharmingFirst ImpressionsConversation SkillsHumor: The Dating ProcessPhone NumbersThe Perfect DateSignals Women GivePre-Approach SignalsConversation SignalsEscalation Signals: Physicality and SexKissingEscalatingSexClosingConclusion: Moving AheadEpilogue: What If It Was a Gift?
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