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A Brief History of Bosnia and Bosnian Education—Brotherhood and Unity

Rationale for Book

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) offers a unique opportunity to look at how education evolves and adapts within the context of massive state-building efforts in a still ethnically divided society. This book will provide information on and analysis of the development of BiH’s education sector to more effectively invest recovery and development funds in the future and to chronicle the unique story of Bosnian education. The book specifically examines the history of Bosnia and Bosnian education, post-conflict and post-socialist education, the governance structures of the Dayton Peace Accords (DPA), the divided nature of education in BiH, the involvement of international community (IC) in education, teacher education, and higher education reform. The findings offer an informative and descriptive case study for policymakers in the IC. The story of Bosnian Education is important because the issues faced by BiH will be and have been ‘encountered in many countries, nations, and cultures, and various more or less successful solutions have been formed’ (Pasalic-Kreso, 2002, p. 8).

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