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Proportion of a country’s population who are subsistence farmers

One needs to include a country if there are a significant proportion of subsistence farmers. This criterion is aimed at adaptation. We will see in Chapter 8 that climate change is going to make farmers with less than 3 hectares of land particularly vulnerable because they will be hard-pressed to buy genetically modified seeds that would be able to withstand more variable weather as a consequence of climate change. This criterion requires a threshold value below which a country would qualify. Once again, the threshold would be determined by a world body. In this case, the most suitable organization would be the Food and Agricultural Organization, although the World Bank may play a role with respect to finance issues. If a country has a proportion of subsistence farmers above an agreed threshold, it would automatically qualify. Let us denote the proportion of subsistence farmers by pci and the corresponding threshold per capita income by t(pci). Expressed in symbols, the criterion is written as follows: If the proportion of subsistence farmers is above some threshold, pci > t(pci), then the country automatically qualifies.

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