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A Study into Financial Globalization, Economic Growth and (In)Equality

Financial Globalization and Economic Growth - Literature Review with CommentsSeminal Works on Financial Structures and LiberalizationFinancial Globalization and Its EffectsDeregulation versus RegulationMeasuring Financial Openness: De Jure and De Facto MeasuresUneven Economic Growth, Adapting Economic Policies in Low-Income Countries, and Some Potential SolutionsSome Observations on the Adjustment Process Before and After the CrisisNotesReferencesGlobal Economic Growth, Financial Openness, and Inequality: 1990-2014A Method for Measuring Relative. Economic GrowthEconomic Growth and Changes in the Relative Balance of Economic Power: 1990-2000Economic Growth and Changes to the Relative Economic Power: 2000-2014Relative Economic Performance. In The World: A Brief Look By ContinentInequalities in the Distribution of World Income: 1990-2014NotesReferencesThe Fastest-Growing Economies and Financial OpennessChina - Economic Growth and Financial OpennessThe Fastest-Growing Economies Among the Oil- and Gas-Producing CountriesAzerbaijanTurkmenistanEquatorial GuineaMongoliaKazakhstanAngolaArmenia, Belarus, and UzbekistanThe Fastest-Growing Poor EconomiesIndiaNotesReferencesGlobal Financial Openness in the Advanced, Emerging and Developing Countries: A Brief OverviewThe United States of AmericaFinancial Openness and Economic Growth in the EUNotesReferencesFinancial Liberalization and Globalization: Theory and Facts Over the Last Three DecadesFinancial Globalization and Developed. Economies: Theory versus FactsFinancial Liberalization, Basel III and the New Capital DirectiveAudacity of Hope: PFAS and Safe AssetsA Proposal for the Issuance of Safe Assets in Developing EconomiesNotesReferencesConcluding Remarks: Financial Openness, Economic growth and (In)Equalities in the World

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