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Real-Time and Distributed Real-Time Systems: Theory and Applications

PrefaceTypes of Real-Time (RT) SystemsEmbedded SystemsMultiprocessor SystemsNetworked RT SystemsConcepts in RT SystemsRT Operating System (RTOS)TaskSchedulingSynchronization between TasksExplicit SynchronizationImplicit SynchronizationFlag SemaphoresCounting SemaphoresEvent FlagsBurst and FIFO Mode SemaphoresPriority InversionTimer Functions in a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)Intertask Communication in an RTOSVirtual DeadlockScheduling in a Distributed RealTime System EnvironmentReferencesDistributed Real-Time SystemsArchitecturesTopologies of InterconnectionTime- and Event-Triggered ArchitecturesPropertiesTimeReconstruction of Temporal Order for Burst Periodic Events: A Sufficiency ConditionExternal Clock SynchronizationCentralized External Clock Synchronization: Cristian's AlgorithmCentralized Clock Synchronization Algorithm: Berkeley AlgorithmDecentralized Clock Synchronization:Byzantine Clocks and Fault-Tolerant Clock SynchronizationInteractive Convergence AlgorithmInteractive Consistency AlgorithmProbabilistic Clock SynchronizationReferencesCommunication ProtocolsBasic ConceptsEfficiency Latency and DeterminismFlow ControlWired and Wireless Network TopologiesThe Protocol Tree and Application-Specific ChoicesSelected ProtocolsSwitched Ethernet with User Datagram Protocol/Internet Protocol (UDP/IP)Controller Area Network (CAN)Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)Token Bus and Token RingFlexRayProximity-1 Space Link ProtocolMultihomed and Multistreaming ApproachesProtocol Analysis with a Protocol AnalyzerReferencesDesigning Real-Time and Distributed Real-Time SystemsTime- and Event-Triggered SystemsTask DecompositionData and Control FlowCohesion Criteria and Task StructuringFinite State Machines: Timed and Hybrid AutomataFinite State MachinesAcceptors and RecognizersTransducersTimed AutomataHybrid AutomataMATLAB StateflowReferencesDeveloping Distributed Real-Time System Applications—the MATLAB WayDeveloping MATLAB Real-Time TargetsUsing the xPC TargetBuilding a Distributed Real-Time Application: Simulation of Communication between Earth, a Lunar Orbiter, and a Lunar LanderSimulating Protocols: The TrueTime SimulatorThe TrueTime Network BlockThe TrueTime Send and Receive BlocksThe TrueTime Kernel BlockTrueTime Wireless Network NodesReferencesDesign and TestingSafety Integrity LevelsSystem Development Life CycleVerification and ValidationDetailed Execution CycleSystem DesignSystem ArchitectureHardwareSoftwareModel-Based DesignHuman-Computer InterfaceSoftware Testing and IntegrationSoftware AnalysisSoftware Unit TestingWhite Box TestingSoftware Integration TestingBlack Box TestingSmoke TestingSystem Integration and TestingHardware Testing and IntegrationTesting at Subsystem LevelSystem Integration TestingSystem Validation TestingReferences

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