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A short course of lectures
«Strategic Financial Management»

Constant Dividend ValuationRanking and Acceptance Under IRR and NPVCapital Budgeting Under Conditions Of CertaintyCapital Budgeting and the Case for NPVThe Inadequacies of IRR and the Case for NPVNPV Maximisation, Value Added and WealthThe Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)The Developing Finance FunctionFinite Dividend ValuationReferenceGeneral Dividend ValuationMean-Variance AnalysesCertainty Equivalence and Investor UtilityLiquidity, Profitability and Present ValueSelected ReferenceThe Tax-Deductibility of DebtCapital Growth and the Cost of EquityCapital Gearing and the Cost of CapitalDividend Growth and the Cost of EquityThe Investment and Finance DecisionThe Concept of Market Value Added (MVA)Equity Valuation and the Cost of CapitalThe Finance DecisionEVA and Periodic MVAMean-Variance MethodologySingle-Period Dividend ValuationThe Dividend Yield and Corporate Cost of EquityDebt Valuation and the Cost of CapitalThe Wealth DecisionCapital Rationing, Project Divisibility and NPVRelevant Cash Flows and Working CapitalThe Mean-Variance ParadoxThe Concept of Economic Value Added (EVA)Dysfunctional Risk MethodologiesFinancial Objectives and Shareholder WealthWealth Creation and Value AddedThe Principles of InvestmentCapital Budgeting and TaxationDecision Trees, Sensitivity and ComputersNPV and Purchasing Power RiskThe Investment DecisionThe Internal Rate of Return (IRR)Finance - An OverviewThe Value of Debt Capital and Capital CostPerfect Markets and the Separation TheoremGrowth Estimates and the Cut-Off RateEarnings Valuation and the Cut-Off RateProfit and Cash FlowDecision Structures and Corporate GovernanceThe Incremental IRRThe Treatment of UncertaintyThe Real-World Problems of WACC EstimationThe Impact of Issue CostsShareholder Wealth and Value AddedThe Role of Capital BudgetingThe Capitalisation Concept
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