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Consultation process

As with previous thematic recommendations and guidelines, governments were not consulted directly on draft texts—the rationale being that this would raise all kinds of process questions not least in terms of which governments were consulted and whether/how views were incorporated. The HCNM could, however, sound out governments on specific issues. A suggestion to potentially engage with all OSCE participating states by conducting a survey of states’ practices with regard to integration in the vein of the Report on Linguistic Rights developed as a corollary to the Oslo Recommendations was not taken up.[1] Similarly a suggestion to organize a consultation of mayors to draw on practical experiences at municipal level was not in the end pursued. The HCNM consulted widely with academics, jurists, and think-tanks working on integration issues, addressing some contentious issues in the process. Some of these are highlighted in subsections 7.2 to 7.10.

  • [1] A similar survey was undertaken to support the Guidelines on the Use of Minority Languages inthe Broadcast Media, see OSCE HCNM website, .
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