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Nature and sources

In the course of consultations, some experts suggested that the document ‘should not be prescriptive’. It was also suggested that there are few, if any, standards on ‘integration’ and that prospective guidelines should follow the approach of the HCNM’s Recommendations on Policing which draw on practical experience, but make little reference to any standards. However, the ‘integration with respect for diversity’ approach developed and actively pursued by the Office of the HCNM since its inception is exactly rooted in human (including minority) rights standards as the basis for building peaceful and prosperous societies. To now depart from foundational values of human rights, democratic governance, etc. (which can and should be imposed) would, at best, send mixed messages and, at worst, risk seriously undermining the credibility of previous sets of recommendations and open debate on the normative foundation of HCNM activity and his normative contributions. In fact, as reflected in references in the Structural Principles section of the Ljubljana Guidelines there are a wealth of principles, norms, and concrete standards that support the essential elements of integration integral to the HCNM approach. Consistent with previous recommendations and guidelines, these constitute a mixture of treaty-based and ‘softer’ standards, including provisions on non-discrimination and equality enshrined in UN treaties, as well those pertaining to minority rights as protected by the UN Declaration, FCNM, and other ‘softer’ instruments.^ In order to meet the need for more concrete practical suggestions for action, while maintaining the normative value of the document, it was suggested that a commentary elaborating on options for policies and measures to promote integration drawing on the HCNM’s practical experience in various concrete situations, could be a useful addition to the Recommendations and Explanatory Note.

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