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Human Rights in the Arab World. Independent Voices

Overview of Goals and ThemesCurrent Realities and Human Rights AlternativesCultural Relativism and Human AgencyConclusionThe Tail and the Dog: Constructing Islam and Human Rights in Political ContextIslamismIslam, Liberal Islam, and Human RightsIslam, Human Rights, and Sociopolitical PraxisConclusionA Question of Human Rights Ethics: Defending the IslamistsThe Rise of the Human Rights MovementThe Loaded Question: Which Is More Dangerous?A Consistent StrategyConclusionGlobalization and Human Rights: On a Current Debate Among Arab IntellectualsThe Discovery of Human Rights in Arab DebatesThe Crisis of the Nation-StateThe Rise of IslamismApproaches to Globalization and Human RightsIslamist ApproachReformist ApproachCommon Features and Differences in Secular, Islamist, and Reformist ApproachesConclusionTransnational Human Rights Networks and Human Rights in EgyptThe “Spiral Model" of Human Rights SocializationApplying the Theory to EgyptHuman Rights Violations in EgyptThe Development of the Local Human Rights MovementThe Destruction of the Local Human Rights MovementEgypt and Human Rights ChangeWomen, Citizenship, and Civil Society in the Arab WorldTheoretical and Comparative OverviewOn Citizenship and Civil SocietyGeneral Characteristics of the Movement for Women's CitizenshipOrganizing WomenSome Concluding RemarksHuman Rights in the Arab World: Reflections on the Challenges Facing Human Rights ActivismHuman Rights NGOs and the "Foreign Funding Debate" in EgyptThe Arguments Against Foreign FundingThe Arguments in Defense of Foreign FundingDeconstructing the Foreign Funding DebateConclusionJustice in HeavenSome Yemeni Ideas About Human RightsReform Within TraditionHuman Rights Promises and AbusesContemporary DiscoursesGot Rights? Public Interest Litigation and the Egyptian Human Rights MovementThe Judicialization of Egyptian PoliticsGot Rights? The New Battleground of Public Interest LitigationPolitical Retrenchment and the Human Rights MovementThe 2000 People's Assembly ElectionsThe Supreme Constitutional Court Compromised, a New NGO Law IssuedConclusionsWhen the Time Is Ripe: The Struggle to Create an Institutional Culture of Human Rights in MoroccoRedress and ReconciliationWomen's Rights and Family LawSecuring a Culture of Human RightsMoroccan Human Rights Groups as Agents for Norm Change

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