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Local job creation dashboard findings in the Czech Republic

This chapter highlights findings from the local job creation dashboard in the Czech Republic. The findings are discussed through the four thematic areas of the study: 1) better aligning policies and programmes to local employment development; 2) adding value through skills; 3) targeting policy to local employment sectors and investing in quality jobs; and 4) being inclusive.

Results from the dashboard

The full results of the Local Job Creation dashboard across the Czech Republic are presented in Figure 3.1.

Figure 3.1. Labour Job Creation Dashboard for the Czech Republic

Theme 1: Better aligning policy and programmes to local economic development

Flexibility in the delivery of employment and vocational training policies

In designing strategies for local job creation, it is important that flexibility in the management framework is provided to the local level so policies and programmes can be catered to local labour market considerations. The OECD defines flexibility as “the possibility to adjust policy at its various design, implementation and delivery stages to make it better adapted to local contexts, actions carried out by other organisations, strategies being pursued, and challenges and opportunities faced” (Giguere and Froy, 2009). Flexibility deals with the latitude that exists in the political and administrative management system in the employment system, rather than the flexibility in the labour

Figure 3.2. Dashboard results for better aligning policies and programmes to local

economic development

market itself. The achievement of local flexibility does not necessarily mean that governments need to politically decentralise. Government just need to give sufficient latitude when allocating responsibilities in the field of designing policies and programmes; managing budgets; setting performance targets, deciding on eligibility, and outsourcing services.

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