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LEGO and philosophy : constructing reality brick by brick

I LEGO® AND CREATIVITYConstructing CreativityOriginality and CreativityMadmen, Oddballs, and VisionariesResolving the ParadoxNotesBuilding Blocks of Thought. LEGO® and the Philosophy of PlayLEGO as a Thing You Think WithPhilosophy as Serious PlayLEGO and Forms of PlayLEGO as a Metaphor for PhilosophyNotesLEGO® Formalism in ArchitectureThree ScenariosLEGO and FormalismContextualism, Functional Beauty, and LEGOOther LEGO Worlds and the Real WorldNotes“That Was My Idea!”. LEGO® Ideas and Intellectual PropertyAvoiding Mistaken IdentityDefending Your RightsDoes Matter Matter?A Formative AccountA Tale of Two Time Machines?History Matters!NotesII LEGO®, ETHICS, AND RULES“You Know the Rules!” What’s Wrong with The Man Upstairs?“Let’s Take Extra Care to Follow the Instructions”“You Know the Rules!”“First Law of the Sea: Never Place Yer Rear End on a Pirate’s Face”“Instructions to Fit In, Have Everybody Like You, and Always Be Happy”“That’s a Suggestion!”“Would You Like to Make an Appointment, or Shall I Summon the Micromanagers?”NotesSearching for “The Special”. The LEGO® Movie and the Value of (LEGO®) Persons“You’re Not The Special!”: President Business’s Theory of Extrinsic ValueEmmet’s Vacillating ValueIntrinsic Value and Emmet’s Enlightenment“You Still Can Change Everything”: The Implications of Emmet’s Belief in Intrinsic ValueNotesLEGO® and the Social Blocks of AutonomyEmmetWyldstyleBecoming The Special, “Everything is Awesome”NotesBuilding and Dwelling with Heidegger and LEGO® ToysMoods and PlayEngaged Play with Modular Bricks“It’s a New Toy Everyday”Serious Play as Art: The Saving Power in LEGO-buildingDwelling and Building with LEGONotesIII LEGO® AND IDENTITY Ninjas, Kobe Bryant, and Yellow Plastic. The LEGO® Minifigure and RaceWhere’s Lando?The Building Bricks of RaceKobe Bryant, Ninjas, and RaceRace in The LEGO MovieNotesGirl, LEGO® Friends is not your Friend! Does LEGO® Construct Gender Stereotypes?Girls’ Best Friends or Worst Toy of the Year?LEGO Friends’ Friendly SexismIs LEGO Playing with Stereotypes?Let the Friends Go to Space! How to Build a More Diverse World with BricksNotesRepresentation in Plastic and Marketing. The Significance of the LEGO® Women Scientists“Explore the World and Beyond!”Girls’ Toys, Boys’ Toys: The Gendered BiasOne Small Step for LEGO, One Giant Leap for Women in Science?Challenging the Representation of Women in Science: One Brick at a TimeNotesReal Signature Figures. LEGO® Minifigures and the Human IndividualLaying the FoundationGathering the Right PiecesMy Own Creation Over TimeThe Signature Figure of PhilosophyPutting It All TogetherNotesIV LEGO®, CONSUMPTION, AND CULTURE LEGO® Values. Image and RealityA Problem: The Greenpeace VideoEverything is Not Awesome? A Philosophical Assessment of LEGOLEGO, Politics, and ValuesNotesSmall Farms, Big Ideas. LEGO® Farm and Agricultural IdealismWhat Can We Learn from a LEGO Farmer?LEGO Farm AnimalsWhat Else Is Misleading about LEGO Farm?Let’s Piece Together the TruthNotesThe Reality of LEGO®. Building the ApocalypseThe Basics of BaudrillardStage 1: Basic Bricks Represent RealityStage 2: Conflict Play and MaskingStage 3: Sky-fi and the Absence of RealityStage 4: ApocaLEGO and Self-SimulationNotesThe American Archipelago. Touring the Nation at Miniland USAMinilandAmerica as Fan Developed Theme(park)America in Miniature: LEGOLAND CaliforniaRebuilding America: LEGOLAND FloridaDiorama AmericanaNotesV LEGO®, METAPHYSICS, AND MATHThe Brick, the Plate, and the Uncarved Block. LEGO® as an Expression of DaoIt’s an Invitation, not a Toy“It’s Super Serious, Right, Babe?”“Actually it’s a Highly Sophisticated Interlocking Brick System”“No Government, No Babysitters ... and There’s Also No Consistency”“They’re Expecting Us to Show Up in a Bat-Spaceship”“Everything Is Awesome!”NotesLEGO®, Impermanence, and BuddhismWhat Is Impermanence?Benefits of an Impermanent MindsetAggregates of ImpermanenceThe LEGOs of ImpermanenceNotesLEGO® and the Building Blocks of MetaphysicsThe Metaphysics of LEGOLEGO Bricks and Fundamental PropertiesCounting WorldsLEGO Worlds, Change, and CausationNotesWhat Can You Build?Modal EpistemologyImagination RevisitedWorking KnowledgeBeyond Working KnowledgePurismNotesPlaying with LEGO® and Proving TheoremsPlato against the GeometersProofs and the Logical Structuring of Mathsy StuffFollow the Instructions!The Geometers Strike BackNotes

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