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Spatial Sound Level Decay

While widely used, the reverberation time is not always suitable as a descriptor of internal acoustics; e.g., in a flat encumbered space it will feature a rather low value, sometimes similar to that for a small lounge, while people inside will find the acoustics uncomfortable. For such situations, one may use the spatial sound level decay DL2, which is the rate of sound level decay with doubling of distance [32]. Figure 2.7 displays the stylized curve of decrease versus distance, on which it is possible to distinguish the direct field region close to the source (where the influence of the room is not yet felt) and the far field region (where one is left with the reverberant field). In between stands the intermediate region, which is controlled by the acoustic treatment of the room.


I RT and Music

Gregorian singing can be heard in various cathedrals and churches where the RT value is well over 3 s. At the opposite side of the scale, the Scala of Milano Opera features a 1.1 s RT to enable the singers of Bel Canto to display their skills of articulation.

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