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Barking Noise and Other Animal Noise

Back home, a man remarked to his friend that the dog next door was really pestering everybody with its frequent barking. Having him repeat that, the friend quietly pointed out that the dog on the other side of the house was considerably noisier, but apparently not perceived as such due to its being his friendly pet!

A couple who had led an urban life chose to retire in the countryside. Soon they felt annoyed by the cock and went for a court action. It took all the might of the judge to explain that the noise from a cock was to be considered normal in the countryside!

Lesson Learned: According to one’s customs and inclinations, a noise may be perceived as annoying or not—and considered as such.

Speech Noise Outside

A bus stop with a small shelter was installed in front of a house in a small village. The dwellers were soon fed up with the youngsters meeting up there late in the evening. After petitioning the mayor for either the removal of the shelter or its relocation, the inhabitants took the matter in their own hands: they managed to saw off the shelter and had it implemented a few hundred meters further!

Lesson Learned: Moving the source away will reduce the noise and inconvenience (but an authorization usually is required!).

Noise Reduction at the Source (Never to be Imitated)

A man irritated by the frequent noise of teens on the lawns downstairs opened his window and shot at them.

Lesson Learned: Exposure to unwanted noise may lead to disastrous moves. Prevention must be implemented whenever possible.

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