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HVAC Large Building Unit

A big building was to be fitted with a large set of air coils. Due to the size of the equipment, the manufacturer refused to send part of it to the laboratory and proposed to perform the tests at his own facility that complied with all relevant standards according to him. The acoustic engineer went to investigate and found that the test room intended for the individual fan had dimensions not complying with the standards; furthermore, the measurement apparatus had not been checked for 15 years, as testified by its documentation! When it came to the whole equipment, it quickly turned out that the fans were only operating at half speed.


When prompted to produce the laboratory test reports for absorption and for flanking normalized level difference, the representative of a big ceiling company used to hand in a so-called technical document that featured the copy of those test reports with the name of the product on the cover sheet. However, the description of the samples was unusually short. Looking closely at them, it would eventually turn out that two different types of ceiling featuring the same generic brand name had actually been tested in each case in order to display better results.

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