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Expert to the Court

The expert is called by the court of justice to assist the judge in a technical matter. He will take stock of the situation and make his assessment. This may mean that he will point out not only which of the existing law texts are applicable, but also what extra rules he wishes to see applied.


Noise from Mechanical Equipment in a Building

The proud owners of a new French condominium quickly found that during the night some mechanical piece of equipment inside the condominium was quietly emitting a hissing sound. An expert was called, and it was found that the sound level values did comply with the applicable regulations for dwelling acoustics (i.e., 30 dB(A) in France); more to the point, those values did not even reach the minimal value required by the local authorities to start investigating a community noise complaint (i.e., 25 dB(A) in this region). Nevertheless, the court found the builders guilty, as the expert thought that this noise could be considered annoying when considered as community noise (with the offense being characterized as the noise level being greater than the background noise level by at least 3 dB(A) in France).

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