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Noise from a Cinema

During a rehabilitation project an old Parisian cinema was found to generate noise in the newly built neighboring spaces. The expert who was assigned the case started by stating that though the regulations on musical venues have explicitly excluded the cinemas from their range, he would nevertheless use them in this case! This led to more stringent precautions than usual.

Noise from a Cock

Recently retired people bought a country house and quickly started to complain about the noise generated by the animals in the field next to their property. The cock was especially targeted as a nuisance source.

The case was eventually brought to the court, which followed the expert’s advice: In town you have to cope with the noise from motor vehicles, in the countryside you have to bear with the noise from animals.

What Is Activity Noise?

A comic scene was reported in a high-speed train when a businessman shouted at length in his cell phone without regard for the other passengers. Eventually a gentleman started humming and singing an opera air, louder and louder, until the exasperated businessman ordered him to clam up: “Can’t you stupid bugger see I’m working?” he shouted. Back came the quiet answer: “Actually so am I sir, I am under contract with the opera.” The applause of the whole carriage followed, as did the departure of the businessman.

Lesson Learned: What is normal activity noise for one party may be construed as sheer annoyance by others.

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