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Reverberation Control

One will have to state the reverberation time for each space.

The reverberation time may be estimated using Sabine’s formula. One will have to check that the computed values are not greater that the eventual values that are required by the regulations in force. A similar check will have to be performed with regards to the values required in the program.

Mechanical Noise Control

The initial sound level objectives were stated in Section 3.13.2. Now one will have to state the sound level contribution of the mechanical equipment required for the compliance with the noise limits stated for each space. A preliminary computation will have to be carried out, from the circulator (e.g., an air handling unit (AHU)) to the delivery point of interest (e.g., a louver in a room).

In addition, one will have to make sure that the structure is capable of accepting the weight of the equipment under scrutiny, plus its attending inertia mass if required. More to the point, one will have to make sure that there still is enough headroom left according to both work condition regulations and manufacturer’s specifications.

Fire and Safety

One will have to check (or have a specialist check) that the various assemblies of constructive elements comply with the fire and safety regulations in force. Should that be not the case, it is mandatory that the prescriptions be revised accordingly.

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