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Coal Boiler

As befitting its status, an old building belonging to a miner’s association in Paris was using a coal-fired boiler located in the basement of the building. However, the new tenants quickly complained about the noise of the installation. An acoustician was called. It was found that the noise originated from the draught fan, but also from the automatic discharge of coal. The problem was solved through the use of silencers on the fan and a better spreading of the coal discharge over time.

G as Boiler

A newly installed gas boiler was the subject of complaints by the neighborhood. It was found that the noise originated on the one hand from the draught fan, and on the other hand from the resonance of the chimney, with the latter emitting a tonal noise. The problem was solved by treating the former with regular silencers, while the latter was fitted with a quarter-wave silencer.


In an industrial plant an acoustician was called to try to solve a problem of noise generated in the nearby facilities by the ventilation of a building.

The intervention was quickly performed and the report simply read: suppression of the silencer! As it happened, the silencer was causing too sharp a pressure drop—hence the amount of noise generated.

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