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On attempting to commission an office building the acoustician was startled to be treated to a siren-like noise coming from one of the rooms. On checking the origin of that 70 dB(A) noise, it was found that the contractor had adapted two pieces of duct into a junction located right after a sharp bend, which was behaving like a flute instrument.

AHU N oise

During the fitting out of a small bar a neighbor politely visited the building site and remarked that something had to be done about the noise from the new air handling unit he could see from his window, whose noise nearly prevented him from sleeping the previous night. After having him repeat the remark, a somewhat grinning contractor pointed out that the electric power cable was not yet connected! The bewildered neighbor took the point and apologized, but also remarked that he definitely was hearing a new ventilation noise. The acoustician accompanied him to his flat and discovered that while there was a ventilation noise, it actually came from a restaurant exhaust that had been in operation for ages.

Lesson Learned: The moment a piece of equipment can be seen, the neighbors will feel they hear it too.

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