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User’s Equipment


The acoustician usually does his best to ensure that the building he is studying is of proper acoustic quality, as may actually be required by the applicable sustainable development project standards chosen by the end user. However, this is not sufficient to be assured of low noise level values due to the multiplicity (and sometimes poor quality too!) of the user’s equipment later brought inside the premises.

This chapter will review a few usual types of user’s equipment as well as comment and advise about their acoustical aspects.


According to the actual situation (location and use) of the particular piece of equipment, some standards and regulations, as well as specific contractual requirements, may apply:

  • • Community noise control texts regarding the noise emitted by appliances and radiated or transmitted to the neighbor’s property (either indoors or outdoors)
  • • Labor and health regulations pertaining to the noise emission of equipment or appliances
  • • Contractual requirements regarding the noise emitted by a given piece of equipment

Those texts will usually result in a limitation on the sound power level or on noise levels emitted at a given location. They may even introduce a restriction on the schedule of operation.

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