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Analysis of the Script

This is very simple but very strong stuff. The idea is to "sell" a face-to-face interview regardless of whether the hiring manager has a position opening. You are not asking if there is a job opening or asking to get hired, you're simply getting a face-to-face interview. Face-to-face interviews are all that matter. They are the quintessential way that you will get a job. The script is meant to be forceful and to the point.

There are a few very crucial aspects of this script. First of all, you do not ask the person answering the phone who might be doing the hiring. If you ask who does the hiring, nine out ten times you'll be relegated to the H.R. department, and that, for the most part, is a dead-end.

Once you get a hiring authority on the phone, you have to provide features, advantages, and benefits as to why you should be interviewed. This is very important! If you simply call and ask for an interview without giving specific features, advantages, and benefits to the prospective employer, you won't get to first base. This is, again, simple stuff and easy to do if you are aware of what you are doing. Here are some examples:

"Hello, Mr. or Ms. _. My name is _, and I am a (features) engineer. I am registered, and I have sixteen years of very stable engineering experience. I have worked my way up in two organizations from the ground floor to engineering manager positions. The advantage that I bring is stability and performance. The benefit to you and your organization is that you would have a long-term employee with a great track record."

"I would like to meet with you to discuss my potential with your firm. Would tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM or tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 PM the best for you?"

Or, another example would be:

"Hello, Mr. or Ms._. My name is_______ and I am a (features) salesperson. I have eight solid years of experience with two of your competitors and have never sold less than 110% of quota. I continually (advantage) perform in the top 1% of the sales organizations that I've been with. I would like to (benefit) continue this kind of a performance with an organization like yours."

"I would like to meet with you to discuss my potential with your firm. Would Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM or Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM work the best for you?"

The purpose of this script is to briefly and succinctly tell a hiring authority your personal features and advantages so that they can be perceived as benefits to the hiring authority's company. The question is, and always will be, on the part of that a hiring authority, "Why should I hire you?" The whole interviewing process centers around this one question. The process begins with a feature, advantage, and benefit statement.

Now, remembering that you are selling yourself and that you are briefly giving a prospective employer a reason of why he or she ought to interview you, write a features, advantage, and benefits statement about yourself:

"Hello, Mr. or Ms._. My name is_. I am a_. I (features) _______ which are (advantages)__and, therefore (benefits)_______ to you and your firm."

Practice writing this and in just a few minutes you can write three or four features, advantages, and benefits statements on yourself to fit just about any occasion. Remember, the purpose of this statement is to intrigue a hiring authority enough to want to interview you. Do not try to "sell" the whole idea of hiring you in one phone call. The purpose is to get the interview by a giving a hiring authority a brief statement about what you can do for him or her.

The closing question of, "Could I see you tomorrow morning or would tomorrow afternoon be better?" is a simple minor choice resulting in major decision that most salespeople learn in their first training class. This concept is so simple it's almost too good, and yet a phenomenal number of people will avoid using it because it appears to be obviously manipulative. It definitely is simple, but it definitely works! Please do yourself a favor and don't try to change what works. At the end of your feature, advantage, and benefit statement, ask the minor choice and major decision question. It works. Do not ask things like: "Would you be interested in talking with me?" "Could I come by and see you?" "Can we set a date for an interview?" etc. None of these questions are anywhere near as effective as: "Could I see you tomorrow morning at_______ AM or would tomorrow afternoon at_______ PM be better?"

Please, please don't try to be coy or cutesy by making this more complicated than it needs to be. Simply make the features, advantages, and benefits statement and ask the alternative choice question. Then, SHUT UP! Don't say another word until you have a response.

Now, most people who are not in sales, and even some that are, will have a difficult time using this statement and question, especially, in the beginning of their job search. I have been using this format for finding other people jobs for more than thirty-one years. It works better than anything you can imagine. A number of years ago I altered this statement and question, thinking that I would be perceived as more sophisticated and intelligent. I really don't know how I appeared, but I do know that when I altered the script to this process, my results were disastrous. So please, you need to change jobs as fast you can. If you want to experiment with some crazy alternative to this script, you are welcome to. But when what you do isn't as effective as this is, you'll come back to it. Is your goal to find a job or to come up with revolutionary ideas on how to get an interview? It works... don't fix it!

So, there you have it. A features, advantages, and benefits statement followed by an alternative choice question that will get you the results that you need. Now all you need to do is to: Practice, practice, practice! You have nothing to lose but your anonymity.

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