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Educational Facilities’ Performance and Lecture Halls


Under such a name, quite a number of rooms and halls are to be found in educational facilities. As implied by such a name, while they usually are designed for a specific purpose (e.g., teaching, exercising, small performances by nonprofessional performers) and adapted to some extra uses, they often are to be found in small educational facilities or townships.



As with any project, there usually exists a program: What does the end user (and the payer too!) actually want? This means the various requirements must be identified and the relevant acoustic objectives stated. In today’s spirit of sustainable development, one must be conscious that a team effort (i.e., architects, structural engineers, HVAC, and acoustics, just to name a few) occurs and make sure that the various solutions that are considered at the design stage are compatible with each other. Acoustics often is part of a global problem that can only be solved by a complete design team fed the relevant data by the end user.

There are standards and regulations pertaining to the acoustics of classrooms and teaching spaces [1]. An analysis and comparison of the relevant regulations is given in a paper by Evans [2].

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