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A nursery was fitted out inside an existing Parisian building. The acoustician first made a diagnosis to check whether the built environment was compatible with the acoustic objectives. Then he issued specifications regarding the internal partitioning of the nursery and its acoustic treatment. To his consternation, the end user rejected most of his requirements. It quickly turned out that the one (valid) concern of the end user was safety. Therefore, the idea of properly insulating the various rooms as recommended by the available legal texts was considered preposterous, as the staff had to be able to hear anything untoward happening. The set of acoustical objectives and relevant prescriptions was modified accordingly.

Lesson Learned: Always check with the end user!

Kindergarten School

A new kindergarten school was built downtown. It featured 20 cm thick reinforced concrete floors and 15 cm concrete walls. The potentially noisy exercise rooms were located at one end of the building. The master idea behind the concrete construction was to benefit from the thermal inertia of the building. Therefore, acoustic absorption was provided in the rooms by means of absorptive elements under 60% of the upper floor. A full ceiling was applied in the corridors for both acoustic and architectural purposes. In addition, perforated or slotted wooden panels were used in some large spaces, such as the entrance halls and exercise rooms.

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