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Royal Albert Hall in London

Prior to its renovation, it was said that the Royal Albert Hall was a place to play the most obscure works, as they would then have a chance to be heard twice. This was due to the very strong echoes occurring in this concave facility.

The acoustic study called for scale model investigations that helped devise the nature of diffusive and absorptive treatments to be applied.

A Small M usic Room

A small (capacity 20 people) music room was built in a college. Right from the start, the staff wanted a chance to enjoy variable acoustics in it. This was achieved using curtains on the walls, as well as light absorptive panels that could easily be handled by small students and hooked on the walls. The reverberation time value could range between 1.8 and 1.2 s.

Lesson Learned: Variable acoustics can be pretty simple as long as you have the manpower (and the knowledge) to operate them.

The Best Concert Hall Ever?

A famous conductor was asked by a reporter: “Please, master, tell us, which is the best concert hall in the world?” Back came the answer: “What a question, it obviously is the one where I got the most applause!”

Lesson Learned: There really are many factors in the appreciation of a facility!

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