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Multipurpose Facilities


As implied by their denomination, multipurpose facilities are meant to house practically everything! Therefore, they must be flexible venues easily adapted to the required use.


Everything should be possible; at least that is the idea of the end user. More to the point, this probably is the idea of the future operator too (even if he has not yet fully expressed it to the end user). One must not treat this preliminary aspect lightly, as all of the project will hinge on it.

As with any project, there usually exists a program: What does the end user (and the payer too!) actually want? This means the various requirements must be identified and the relevant acoustic objectives stated. In today’s spirit of sustainable development, one must be conscious that a team effort (i.e., architects, structural engineers, HVAC, and acoustics, just to name a few) occurs and make sure that the various solutions that are considered at the design stage are compatible with each other while staying compatible with the user’s requirements. Acoustics is often part of a global problem that can only be solved by a complete design team fed the relevant data by the end user.

While quite a number of activities can usually be accommodated under the same roof, caution must be exercised: Basically, for any activities save for classical music, one can use a rather normal space, that is, as long as the sound insulation requirements with regards to other spaces (including the outside environment) are met, together with the internal acoustic requirements (mainly reverberation control and mechanical noise control). One will then probably end up with a rather absorptive inner envelope (to provide reverberation and noise control). But should classical music be considered, then this is an entirely different story, as acoustic reflections will have to be provided.

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