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Multipurpose venue will often mean variable acoustics venue. Unfortunately, the latter implies the presence of a staff capable of operating the corresponding devices; experience often shows that the available personnel do not systematically have the competence or the inclination to spend time operating those devices.

Light Multipurpose Hall

As implied by its name, the light multipurpose hall is supposed to be a hall where one can perform various kinds of activities without resorting to heavy means to change the acoustics of the hall or its morphology. This often is the case for multipurpose venues of small townships. There typically will be a small stage at one end of the hall, with no possibility of relocation.

This means that either a mean RT value acceptable for the various activities to be carried out is chosen, or a slight adjustment is made possible using reflective walls in front of which heavy curtains can be drawn to add extra absorption when needed. Typically, such a system will be used with reflective walls for instrumental music purposes and with absorptive walls for speech purposes.

Typically, with a fixed value, the RT will be found in the 1.0 to 1.3 s range. Using curtains on a large scale, it often is possible to reduce those values by 0.2 s.

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