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Example of a Building Project


The following example features a type of building operation that is not uncommon in Europe, that is, a building housing dwellings and offices at the upper floors, and activities (workshop, shop, and restaurant) at the ground level. In addition, there are plant rooms at the ground level and roof level. On each side this building is bordered by dwellings. The 1 ayout of the operation is displayed in Figures 17.1 (ground floor), 17.2 (upper floors), and 17.3 (cross section).

We will first examine the implications regarding the acoustic targets of such a project, and then try to find the relevant acoustic prescriptions regarding sound insulation to the exterior, sound insulation between spaces, sound absorption, and mechanical equipment.


Sound Insulation to the Exterior

To start with, the presence of a street in front of the building will most certainly require specific targets as per the legal requirements regarding the sound insulation of buildings exposed to road traffic noise (e.g., [1]) or the admissible background noise level inside buildings (e.g., [2]).

Next, one may consider the eventual noise likely to be generated inside the premises and radiated to the environment by the fagades and roofs of the building: this means one will need to know the sound levels likely to be reached inside the premises (cf. Section 17.2.5). In addition, one will also need to know the background noise levels on site (cf. Section 17.2.6).

In this particular example, let’s say that a sound insulation DnTAtr of 35 dB is required for the exposition to road traffic noise.

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