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Examples of Fitting Out


Here are simple examples of fitting out inside an existing building. Compared to the example of Chapter 17 involving the construction or heavy rehabilitation of a complete building, we are dealing with the construction or rehabilitation of a room inside an existing building. Two simple examples are given: a bedroom and a meeting room.

We will first examine the implications regarding the acoustic targets of such a project, and then try to find the relevant acoustic prescriptions regarding sound insulation to the exterior, sound insulation between spaces, sound absorption, and mechanical equipment.


Description of the Operation

The owner of a flat has decided to improve the sound insulation of his bedroom. The initial brief simply says (polite version): “We do not want to hear the folks from the upper floor!” The location of the tenant’s bedroom with regard to other spaces is displayed in Figure 18.1.

Diagnosis and Feasibility

First, an acoustic diagnosis is performed. It aims to ascertain by means of acoustic measurements the background noise level value inside the bedroom of interest, as well as the sound insulation value between this bedroom and the spaces around it (including the outside environment). It also aims to point out the potential weaknesses that can be observed in the construction (e.g., ventilation duct linking two spaces, poor quality separating wall or ceiling, etc.). One should note that the advice from a structural engineer will probably be needed too in order to ensure that the extra load is compatible with the existing structure.

On the basis of this diagnosis, the acoustician will submit a set of acoustic objectives covering the sound insulation to the outside DnTAtr, the sound insulation to other spaces DnTA, the reverberation time, and the noise from mechanical equipment. Most of the time, in existing buildings, a gain of 5 dB(A) minimum over the existing situation will be sought. If not practical, the end user will be informed.

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