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A Few Comments

It is not uncommon in old buildings to find that the improvement that was dreamed of by the end user cannot be met. There can be a variety of reasons for that; just to name a few: The structure of the building can be too weak to bear the extra load needed by the rehabilitation, the appearance of the fagade cannot be altered with impunity due to the architectural classification of the building, the space eaten up by the new construction is too much, etc.

By the way, please kindly remember that in addition to the usual legal requirements regarding rehabilitation work, there will probably be a condominium rule applying too, with, for example, restrictions on the working hours and specifications on the nature of the work permitted.

Please kindly remember that rooms are supposed to be ventilated (there are usually legal requirements on that topic). Therefore, supply air (through fagade inlets or separate ducting) and return air (through separate ducting) must be provided.

Layout of the meeting room and nearby spaces

Figure 18.2 Layout of the meeting room and nearby spaces.

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