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Sound Absorption

The ceiling will be absorptive. It can be made of absorptive tiles featuring an absorption coefficient aw of 0.80 minimum.

Note: If a plasterboard ceiling has previously been mounted under the upper floor, the absorptive tiles will have to be either glued or fixed close to this ceiling (there are special hangers for that purpose with some manufacturers, e.g., [3]).

In addition, the wall on the corridor side and the side wall opposite of the projection screen will feature an absorptive treatment with an absorption coefficient aw of 0.60 minimum. This can be achieved using perforated wood or metal panels (with a 18% minimum perforation ratio) over a 5 cm minimum mineral wool.

In order to enhance voice propagation inside the room, a reflective panel will be hung over the table. This panel will feature a convex shape in order to avoid a flutter echo between the table and panel. The location of those treatments is displayed in Figure 18.3.

The floor will be treated to a carpet featuring an absorption coefficient aw of 0.15 minimum.

Mechanical Equipment

Silencers will be installed on the supply and return ducts in order to comply with both the sound insulation target and the background noise target. Care will be applied at the junction of the ducts on entering the room through the partition to preserve the sound reduction performances of the partition.

Supply and return louvers will be specified in order to limit their sound power level to a value compatible with the background noise level target (as an indicative value under the assumption that there will be one return and two supply louvers, a sound power level of 40 dB(A) is advisable when taking into account the distance).

Location of acoustic treatments in the meeting room

Figure 18.3 Location of acoustic treatments in the meeting room.

User’s Equipment

Care will be exercised when choosing equipment such as the video projector and the computers to be installed in the room. A sound power level of 50 dB(A) maximum is advisable.

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