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The original impetus and intention to write a paper on “meaning construction via context-building” has been supported by two major concerns. I have found that (a) the term “context” has been used in rather elusive ways in the literature, and (b) the role of “context” has been interpreted in fairly extreme terms, ranging from a strictly semantic determination of linguistic context to an exclusively pragmatically-based demarcation between contextual information and pragmatic context. In addition to the various, conceptually diverse approaches to the notion of context, the mechanism of pragmatic enrichment has also been interpreted in contradictory senses. Some analysts claim that this mechanism is borne out by assumptions creating relevant pragmatic contexts at the “presemantic” level of interpretation, others claim that it is the phenomenon of implicatures that is responsible for disambiguation and contextual interpretation at the “post-semantic” level of interpretation.

I will not only discuss “context” identified in different theoretical frameworks, but I intend to apply various discipline-sensitive methods to elucidating the likely nature of context and the role context can and should play in language philosophy (e.g. epistemological and ontological underpinnings of the concept under scrutiny), in pragmatics (e.g. context- creation in inferential pragmatics) and linguistics (e.g. in interactive discourse analysis) as well.

I will propose a working hypothesis to foresee the nature of the problem and to anticipate the possible solution for meaning construction via contextualization. In my quest I intend to raise fundamental methodological questions concerning linguistic context and pragmatic context alike and challenge the view according to which there are clear-cut demarcation lines between the two types of context.

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