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Manipulating the recipient

Manipulating the recipient, who in compliment discourse is quite often the object of positive evaluation as well, is the most implicit and at the same time the most interesting goal of CD. This goal is relevant in 29 per cent of the cases of women’s discourse and only in 14.7 per cent of men’s communication. The compliment tactics employed in this type of CD are manipulative in essence and, given the broader context, carry a great deal of suggestivity. Bearing all these considerations in mind, we have termed the strategy used for the accomplishment of the goal in question the manipulative strategy.

Figure 3-5: The tactical structure of the manipulative strategy in compliment discourse

The manipulative strategy comprises four related tactics, among which the flirt and confidence-gaining tactics are almost inseparable and together account for more than 60 per cent of female CD contexts and nearly half of male compliment-making contexts. The differences here lie in the features of the object constituting the basis for positive evaluation, as well as in the speaker-recipient peculiarities of CD, as shown in Figure 3-5. The explicit/implicit flattery tactics distribution basically follows the general tendencies for explicitness and implicitness characteristic of male and female discourse as described in Section 2 of this paper.

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