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Sources-newspaper articles in the corpus

Event 1

Perrie, Robin (2008, March 6) “Dad gets life for murder of son, 4.” The Sun, p. 23

Stokes, Paul (2008, March 6) “Man who killed his son in revenge for wife’s affair gets life.” The Daily Telegraph, p. 5 “Vengeful son killer given life.” (2008, March 6) The Daily Mirror, p. 7. Wainwright, Martin (2008, March 6) “Life for father who killed son as revenge on unfaithful wife.” The Guardian, p. 13

Event 2

“Baby death mum jailed.” (2009, March 11) The Daily Mirror, p. 26 Carvel, John and Patrick Butler (2009, March 11) “Mother jailed for eight years after horrific cruelty to baby son, aged two months.” The

Guardian, p. 14

Clench, James (2009, March 11) “Crack addict tortured her baby until he died ... and she’ll be out in just 4yrs.” The Sun, 19 Simpson, Aislinn (2009, March 11) “Young mother jailed over ‘horrific’ cruelty campaign against two-month-old son.” Retrieved March 20, 2009, from

Event 3

Asford, Ben (2008, September 24) “My evil wife.” The Sun, p. 13 Bunyan, Nigel (2008, September 24) “Life for mother who drowned disabled girl.” The Daily Telegraph, p. 13 Carter, Helen (2008, September 24) “Mother drowned disabled girl in bath.” The Guardian, p. 11

Disley, Jan (2008, September 24) “What she did to my princess was evil.”

The Daily Mirror, p. 17

Event 4

Britten, Nick (2006, November 3) “Life for father who killed girl to pay back for wife’s infidelity.” The Daily Telegraph, p. 1, 3 “Dad gets life for tot’s murder.” (2006, November 2) Retrieved November 20, 2007, from

Taylor, Matthew (2006, November 3) “Distraught father suffocated daughter after wife’s affair.” The Guardian, p. 13 Ward, Victoria (2006, November 3) “How could anyone take away the life of such a beautiful girl as my Millie?” The Daily Mirror, p. 9

Event 5

Bowcott, Owen (2010, May 15) “Mother who kicked and punched toddler to death gets life.” The Guardian, p. 20 Haywood, Lynsey (2010, May 15) “Evil mum kicks baby to death.” Retrieved July 20, 2010, from “Mother kicked toddler to death.” (2010, May 15) The Daily Telegraph, p. 12

Shaw, Adrian (2010, May 15) “Kicked and punched to death by his mum.”

The Daily Mirror, p. 12

Event 6

Martin, Nicole (2006, August 5) “40 years for Toni-Ann’s cold-blooded killer.” The Daily Telegraph, p. 10

Pallister, David (2006, August 5) “Cold-blooded killer of Toni-Ann jailed for at least 40 years.” The Guardian, p. 14

Parker, Andrew (2006, August 5) “Toni-Ann killer caged 40 years.” The Sun, p. 19

Shaw, Adrian (2006, August 5) “A minimum of 40 years.” The Daily Mirror, p. 7

Event 7

Bunyan, Nigel (2006, October 17) “Parents of boy, 11, murdered by a schoolmate tell of their despair.” (p. 1); “Fake letter that lured little Joe to his death.” The Daily Telegraph, p. 4

Carter, Helen (2006, October 17) “Teenager gets life for killing boy, 11.” (p.1); “Life sentence for teenager who murdered schoolboy in ‘savage’ kitchen knife attack.” The Guardian, p. 10

Dislay, Jan (2006, October 17) “ ‘Little star’ Joe was killed by a 14-year- old boy in a calculating murder ... So why was he jailed for only 12 years.” (p.1); “Lured to his death by gay killer letter.” The Daily Mirror, p. 4

Russell, Andy (2006, October 17) “Monster aged 14 lured Joe to death.” (p. 1); “Teen psycho.” The Sun, p. 6

Event 8

Bates, Stephen (2009, March 28) “Teenager given 14 years for murder after trivial row led to ‘horrific’ attack.” The Guardian, p. 8

Clench, James (2009, March 28) “Thug who murdered Jimmy, 16, given life.” Retrieved April 3, 2010, from

Gammell, Caroline (2009, March 28) “Our broken society helped to kill my son.” The Daily Telegraph, p. 13

Ward, Victoria and Laurie Hanna (2009, March 28) “STOP IT.” The Daily Mirror, p. 4

Event 9

Carrell, Severin (2006, November 9) “Three jailed for life for race murder of schoolboy.” The Guardian, p. 12

Clench, James and Annabelle Steggles (2006, November 9) “BARBARIC.” (p. 1); “You animals.” The Sun, p. 8

Cramb, Ausian (2006, November 9) “Boy murdered by gang in search of a white victim.” The Daily Telegraph, p. 8

Smith, Mark (2006, November 9) “This cold-blooded execution of a 15- yr-old boy because he was white truly was an “ABOMINATION.” The Daily Mirror, p. 11

Event 10

Clemments, John and Don Mackay (2006, August 10) “At last Justice for Dami.” The Daily Mirror, p. 1, 8

France, Anthony (2006, August 10) “LAWLESS SAVAGES.” The Sun, p. 1, 5

Laville, Sandra (2006, August 10) “Guilty, after two inquiries, three trials and a series of forensic blunders.” The Guardian, p. 2 Steele, John (2006, August 10) “Justice at last for Damilola parents.” The

Daily Telegraph, p. 1, 4

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