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The topic of the present contribution has been inspired by the author’s broader research into the discourse of women’s lifestyle magazines, the overall objective of which was to produce a multi-faceted analysis of this type of discourse, focusing particularly on the communication strategies used (Tomaskova 2009). The analysis showed that general repetitiveness manifesting itself on different levels of both formal and semantic structure, termed stereotyping for the purposes of this paper, stands out as a dominant feature defining the discourse in question. The present chapter aims to reveal on the one hand the interplay of formal and semantic components of stereotypes, and on the other hand the interplay of stereotypes realized on the level of text microstructure and stereotypes on the macrostructural level. The study draws upon Tarnyikova’s approach to stereotype (Tarnyikova 2008), which is comprehensive enough to allow for effective application to both text microstructure and macrostructure, and to enable the reflection of interplay of stereotypes on the microstructural and macrostructural levels.

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