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Shing for the Oldest Stars: Ancient Relics from the Early Universe

PrefaceWhat is stellar archaeology?The First Minutes after the Big BangStellar ArchaeologyTwo centuries of pursuing starsFirst Glimpses of Stellar RainbowsDecoding StarlightA New Perspective of the CosmosLooking into the Hearts of StarsModern AlchemyThe Foundation of CosmologyThe Origin of the ElementsStars, stars, more starsThe Cycle of Matter in the UniverseAstronomers and Their MetalsElement Nucleosynthesis in the Cosmic KitchenStellar DiversityStellar evolution—from birth to deathSorting StarsA Protostar FormsThe Evolution of a Low-Mass StarThe Evolution of a Massive StarSupernovae and Supernova RemnantsPreliminary Thoughts about Working with Metal-Poor StarsNeutron-capture processes and the heaviest elementsHow Neon Lamps Relate to Giant Stars—Element Synthesis in the S-ProcessThorium, Uranium, and R-Process Element SynthesisCosmo-Chronometry: The Oldest StarsNuclear AstrophysicsWelcome to our milky wayA Milky Way above UsThe Milky Way's StructureDwarf GalaxiesStar ClustersNaming StarsTales told by lightA Little Lexicon of LightSpectroscopy—Deciphering StarlightElement Abundance Analyses of StarsThe Largest Telescopes in the WorldThree Steps toward SuccessObservations with MIKELet's go observe some stars!Going StargazingGood-Weather BeerA SunsetThe Observa-thonOne Hundred and Five Stars per NightComputers, Computers...Tested by FireThe chemical evolution of the early universeThe First Stars in the UniverseThe Family of Metal-Poor StarsOrdinary Metal-Poor StarsCarbon-Rich StarsStars with Special [a/FE] OverabundancesStars with Overabundances of Neutron-Capture ElementsStars with Large Lead AbundancesThe Most Iron-Poor StarsThe Cosmic Chemical EvolutionHeliumLithiumCarbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygena-ELEMENTSIron-Group ElementsNeutron-Capture ElementsCarbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Nitrogen—The Elements of LifeFinding the oldest starsPursuing Metal-Poor StarsBright Metal-Poor StarsMt. Stromlo Succumbs to BushfiresThe Discovery of a Record-Breaking Most Iron-Poor StarThe Astronomical CommunityAt the end of a cosmic journeyCosmological SimulationsWhere Do Metal-Poor Stars Come From?Expectations of Future SurveysThe Next Generation of Giant TelescopesLittle Diamonds in the Sky
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