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Operations and Maintenance

Efficient and effective operation and maintenance of a building is critical to its performance. It includes a variety of tasks: space planning, work order processing, energy management, asset management, management responsiveness, systems performance, provision of specific space needs and

Commercial building

Figure 2.1 Commercial building.

requirements, cleaning, training of staff, management of contractors, and so forth. Data from organizations such as BOMA and the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) allow building owners to compare the operations of their building with other comparable buildings to evaluate building performance. For example, IFMA can provide information on gross and rentable square footage by industry type and facility use, square footage per occupant, janitorial costs and staffing, maintenance costs, roads and grounds costs, utility costs, life and safety costs, emergency and disaster planning costs, facility management information technology costs, employee amenities costs and best practices. So one way to evaluate the operational performance of a building is to gather operational data on the building and compare it to the operational metrics of similar buildings.

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