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Paging and Messaging Systems

A building's paging and messaging systems may be thought of as secondary systems, but often they are a part of life safety. Paging is also used in many educational, large healthcare, corporate and government buildings such as airports, and convention centers. Legacy paging systems were typically a separate piece of equipment connected to a PBX (something which is now long gone). Current systems are built on VOIP-type technology and IP end devices, including IP speakers. The network connectivity allows authorized users to broadcast audio simultaneously to speakers and IP telephones. Some systems have the capability to concurrently send a multicast audio stream and text messages that can be delivered to not only paging speakers and IP telephones but also PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Some messages could include information on weather conditions or event reminders for organizations. More importantly, the messaging and notification can be used for emergency situations. The notification capability of the system can provide real-time communications within a building or across a campus regarding an emergency situation thus significantly improving life safety and security.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a very compelling technology. The medium has stickiness—few people will not at the very least, glance at or pay attention to a plasma or LCD display. It's a communication system that's effective, immediate, and dynamic. It can be utilized in a variety of building types. Digital signage can be used to inform, entertain, communicate, advertise, and enhance the experience one has within a building. Different building types will have various uses for digital signage.


Water is a critically important resource; maybe our most precious resource. Where alternatives exist for energy sources there are no alternatives to water. If you don't think water is important consider that people can survive longer without food and certainly without energy than they can without water; not surprising considering that two thirds of the human body by weight is composed of water. Water also has a direct connection to energy use. The critical nature of water is recognized in green building programs throughout the world.

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