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Electrical, Building Metering, and Video Surveillance Systems


Without stable, high quality electricity our world would be radically and negatively impacted. We rely on safe and reliable electricity from our utilities and within our buildings.

A smart building has an electrical infrastructure that is dependable, adaptable, and cost-effective to maintain and operate. In addition to the electrical infrastructure building owners also must have a relationship with their supplier for two-way communication with the utility grid, demand response notifications, and optimal rate structures. Building owners may address the use of renewable sources or a microgrid for a building or development that can locally generate electricity. A prerequisite for electrical distribution is a power monitoring control system, able to examine the quantity and quality of power being supplied and consumed. Measurement produces data, and data is the underpinning or basis of control and management. Electrical backup capabilities are also a required for smart buildings, especially critical facilities such as healthcare and data centers.

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