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Operational Costs

The building and the technology infrastructure (at least the cabling, cable pathways and equipment rooms) have long lifecycles, and you'll want to balance the initial cost of the technology infrastructure with the long term value for the building. Here are a couple things to keep in mind:


Major cabling manufacturers offer long term warranties on their products and systems. If their products are installed by certified installers and the installation is inspected by a representative of the manufacturer, they will warrant the cable system for 15 to 25 years. Some companies warranty the installation and others warranty both the installation and future technical applications for the cable. Products that provide such warranties may be slightly more expensive, but probably offer better long term value.


Many times the size of equipment rooms are questioned—large equipment rooms are provided only to find that a few equipment racks are initially provided. Or cable pathways are provided and only half of the pathway is initially used. No it's not a waste of space. It's long term thinking. You don't ever want to move an equipment room. In addition the emerging building technology systems will demand more space, more power, more air conditioning, and more grounding. Build it right once, and avoid the tremendous disruption later.

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