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Use Cabling Consolidation Points

Cable consolidation points are typically used in open office environments. Instead of running each cable from the equipment room to each modular office or cubicle, a consolidation point is installed close to the cubicles. You may run less cable from the equipment room to the consolidation point, and from the consolidation point you have shorter runs to each of cubicles. The initial cost of the consolidation point is about the same as running all the cabling from the equipment room; the savings is in recabling when the cubicles are moved around, which they typically are over time. Many modular furniture manufacturers have consolidation points hidden in their products that fit in with their modular furniture.

Owners and designers are tasked with controlling initial construction costs while providing for long term value in the buildings that are being designed. It can be quite the balancing act. The technology system design can contribute to that effort.

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