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Material and Equipment Parts Inventory Control

This is basically a system that tracks inventory and identifies inventory needs, possibly automatically triggering purchase orders of parts and equipment based on certain thresholds.

Asset Management

This is a critical application that should house all the details of the facility assets. It should contain all the details for each piece of equipment. This should include the name of the item, identifying serial numbers, location, warranties, manufacturer and its maintenance history. The asset management application must be integrated into the preventive maintenance application and provide data on when preventative maintenance has to occur and generate the work order.

Data standards

Data is an asset and facility management should have written standard methodologies and processes to manage the facility data. This would include document management, naming conventions and standardized databases, in coordination with other relevant groups and applications, such as the IT department and enterprise asset management.

BIM Integration

Building Information Modeling is the significant data management tool for new construction. The data and modeling generated in the use of BIM must be exported in the facility management system (specifically the COBie files into the asset management application.) This export of design and construction data into the facility management system is critical to the successful handoff from construction to operations. Without it FM and the building operations are handicapped at the outset.

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