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Standardized Naming Conventions

Standardize what you call things. A multi-building campus with buildings built at different times with different contractors is likely to have multiple names and tags for similar pieces of equipment. You don't want to end up with ten different names for air handlers or pumps. Multiple naming conventions in an existing building or portfolio of existing buildings is the largest and most time consuming issue involved with implementing an integrated building management system.

Figure 5.1

Building system data is no longer only for facility management and building operation, but, also has value for larger business processes such as asset management, capital planning, regulatory compliance, energy management and a host of other business applications. This basic reality cries out for a comprehensive information and data management plan for a building or a portfolio of buildings.

Data does not belong to just one department. If you take that approach you end up with silos of data and miss opportunities to create meaningful metrics and key performance indicators. Consider coordinating the naming convention or a portion of the naming convention across systems (i.e. BMS, asset management, purchasing, work orders, etc.) so that other departments and applications can understand and share the data.

The format of a naming convention for data and equipment is less important than strict adherence to and enforcement of one standard naming convention.

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