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Data Mining

Facility managers are missing opportunities if they don't have the analytic tools to mine, predict, and correlate building data. Other organizations and businesses mine data from their users and customers and analyze the data in order to predict and guide their business. Data mining has been around for a while and is used extensively in web sites, retail purchases, financing, and smartphones, to name a few.A retailer like Wal-Mart knows how many rolls of paper towels are sold daily at each store location, data that is part of a process to optimize their just-in-time supply chain process. Yet, how many large building owners can even tell you how many people entered their building on a daily basis or which building space is the least energy efficient? Which is the most used space? Which is the least used?

Data mining related to energy usage would seem to be a wide open field. Energy consumption metrics related to space usage, operations processes, and business aspects can provide new insights. Predictive value means the organization can be proactive rather than reactive.

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