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Facilitate Comparative Analysis

When you have two charts that are meant to be contrasted, it is best to arrange them side by side. This arrangement signifies the need for comparison.

When you have a very narrow range of data, scale the chart to make the data fill the chart. This makes it easier for the user to analyze the data.

Customize Chart Scale For Optimal Data Presentation

Sometimes data displayed on a chart has a very narrow range. This makes the task of analyzing the data more difficult. Such situations call for manipulation of the chart scale. The chart scale should be adjusted so that, its lower and upper limit are close to the lower and upper limit of the data range. This adjustment will help in accentuating the ups and downs of the plotted data, thereby making analysis easier.

Appropriate Selection of Charts

For maximum impact, it is essential that you choose the right chart for you data. The pie chart is often used inappropriately. A pie chart is actually meant for plotting percentages, but, it is sometimes used for plotting nonpercentage data such as sales, revenue, and quantity.

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