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Give Operations Personnel a Seat at the Table with the Design and Construction Teams

This happens frequently but not all the time. As active participants the operational personnel is able to provide perspective into the operational and maintenance aspects of materials or design and construction alternatives. This must be tempered with an awareness of the natural inclination to simply operate the new building the same as the old building, especially an issue when the operations of the existing building are sub-optimal. This interaction helps to assure the facility manager is familiar with the new facility and allows the FM an opportunity to develop its O&M program.

Install Some of the Facility Management Software Applications Relatively Early in the Construction Process

Don't do the typical thing and wait until the end of construction. Using software tools, such as system analytics, will assist in commissioning and start-up and installing them earlier in the process facilitates a longer time period for testing the tools and staff training. This initiative is consistent with a larger issue in that technology and specifically some form of an IT network should be in a building under construction earlier as well. For example, if you're installing BAS network controllers that directly connect to an IT network, the IT network has to be installed or you can't fully test the system. Some of the IT components (servers, firewalls, etc.) may be in the "cloud” while the building is being constructed, and then later brought into the building.

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