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Have the General Contractor or Sub-Contractors Operate the Building For a Short Time, and Then Transfer Operations to the Owner

While this model has generally been used on larger infrastructure projects the beauty of this approach is the incentives it provides the construction contractor to get the building operations right. The contractor has "skin in

Table 5.1

Specifications Sections Addressing Project Handoff

Startup procedures

Closeout procedures

Closeout Requirements

Closeout Submittals

Maintenance contracts

Operation and Maintenance Data

Operation Data

Maintenance Data

Preventative Maintenance Instructions

Project Record Documents

Sustainable Design Closeout Documentation

Life Cycle Activities


Facility Operation

Facility Operation Procedures

Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance Procedures

the game”. While this approach still involves an eventual handoff to the owner, the likelihood of a "cleaner” handoff is often much improved.

Insist On the Use of BIM During Design and Construction

Generally the transfer of data from the design and construction processes into a facility management system is inefficient and ineffective. Most of it is paper handed over in three-ring binders and boxes, supplemented with CDs of drawings and specifications. Lost in this handoff is data and information that could improve the management and operation of the building. Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows for the design and construction data and information to be transferred electronically.

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